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Nightingale Cider Company

Fledgling No.5 Cider

Fledgling No.5 Cider

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A very special Rosette SV pét-nat cider from the 2023 vintage! Packaged in a 750ml bottle, this pink wonder is perfect to share with someone special.

Fledgling No.5 cider is a single variety from the red-fleshed Rosette apple from the 2023 vintage. With creamy strawberry, zingy grapefruit and lemon sherbet on the palate and aromas of sweet cherry, citrus and a hint of rose. Ends on gentle notes of citrus and sherbet and a refreshing finish, leaving you wanting another sip.

This is the 5th in our Fledgling series, showcasing ciders made using the ancestral, or pét-nat (pétillant natural) method. This process involves bottling before the end of primary fermentation, allowing the cider to finish in the bottle itself.

Serve lightly chilled, but not cold.


Ingredients: Cider and sulphites.

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